December 10, 2012

On the Road

Wie geht es dir?

Based on the title, you guys know that today, I drive on the road. At first, my handsome teacher said, I can start drive on the road next week and then he said "not next week, maybe this week you can try to drive on the road" after that, he said "After this we can go outside and let you try to drive" I just like seriously?! He said he was serious. I feel a little bit nervous and in the end I feel just fine. Even though my car engine 'died' two times, haha but he not get mad at me, he just told me to press the clutch and start the car engine back. He is so nice and such a good teacher Photobucket

P/s : Pray to God so everything going to be just fine till the end, ameeeennn~

December 07, 2012

New Syllabus


My 1st lesson start on 5 Dec 2012. Seriously my driving teacher is so fucking hot! He is a Chinese, tall, white, his eyes quite big for a Chinese and I love his fingers, so pointed and beautiful! The best part is he is such an angel. So nice! talk with me with a very low and smooth voice, never yelled at me when I made the same mistakes over and over again =3

My 1st lesson? Not too shabby .Only have a little bit problem on how to adjust or predict when I have to turn my car steering to the left and right when I almost up to the corner. I bet that is normal for someone that have zero experience in handling a car right? haha

My 2nd lesson? on 07 Dec 2012. He said I'm better than before =,) but still he said I have to improve more. One funny moment, when I arrived at one of the corner to the right, somehow I can't control my car steering  and I almost hit that black-white road divider. I'm getting nervous and scream a little bit! Oh gosh! I feel so embarrassed! He not get mad but help me control my car steering and the most awkward is he laugh at me and till the end of the lesson I still can hear he is laughing even though he try to control his voice but I bet it is better than he yelled at me right? =__=' One of the best part is, he said I can stop drive and go to the office and take my P sticker and then he laugh and said he just playing around. He so sweet~ =3

I really hope I can pass my driving lesson perfectly!

P/s : With a handsome teacher like that I willing to study everyday so I able to meet him seven times a week, hahaha