March 04, 2012


Part 1

You've said before, that "you not going to die if everyone in the class doesn't want to have you as one of their group member". It turns out to be that your group members that going to DIE because they have a piece of SHIT like you in their group. I ask you to give me that part of your works five days before our presentation and it turn out to be you have a netball tournament on that time. If you know you have that shit tournament, why don't you do your part earlier? Why do you have to do it fucking last minute?

Did you know, I edited almost 80% of the works that you've done a night before our presentation? did you know how useless you are? did you know that I really want to beat you up so madly right now until your mom will not recognize you anymore? Did you know I only sleep 1 hour because of a trash like you?

For the rest of my life, seriously said, there is no way I going to accept you to be in my group member no matter what is it cause. You got it bitch?

Part 2

Fuck this shit. Before, you said that place is AVAILABLE and now, while everything is running out of time, you said we need to go to other place which is so fucking far - far away to finish that shit. What the fuck is wrong with you?

Before, you said you going to take over one part of our task and right now, you finishing that piece of shit on the day when this task need to being hand in to that lecturer. Why don't you finish it on the other days? and if you cannot do it, you can tell me about it and I can finish it earlier. Just please don't brag about "I can handle this thing" phrase. It is like, "are you trying to play around with my temper dude?!"

AND NOW, all of our marks being deducted because of that habit of you ( and you guys ) that REALLY like to do something on last minutes. Now, just go fuck with yourself!


p/s : "What groupwork teach me? How much I hate other people" *fucking angry*