April 30, 2012


Pardon my bad grammar

I am such a lazy person. No3~ not that kind of lazy. I always help my mum at the kitchen and do some other housework such as cleaning and so on. I also can finish all of my assignment, tasks and projects on time. Lazy that I mean here is I am such a not-good-in-social-things. When my friends doing plans like go for a picnic, shopping, watching movies together where it involves me in their plan, secretly I hoping the plans get cancelled. Lots of the time, when my friends ask me to join them, I always say BIG NO-NO.

Sometimes I realized they must feel a little bit annoying for me to always decline their invitation. I not hate it but all of that stuffs, hanging out, wasting time, having fun with each other is not really my cup of tea. Spending 25/8 (read as 24/7) in front of laptop, reading, drawing, playing games are stuffs that can make me happy. Stay alone in a room where nobody is there with me, doing my own stuffs, crying, laughing while reading comics, novels, watching movies and so on that is what I call a life. Sounds pathetic right? Being in a place full of people make me feel fucking uncomfortable, uhuk2~ cant change that nature easily i bet.

p/s : Maybe someday, somewhere, sometime, I going to change to a better person.

April 14, 2012

Ladies Out

Good day ladies and gentleman~

This evening, around 1.30 pm i have a date with my girlfriend. Her name is Monica. We in the same class since Form 1 but we get close to each other since Form 3. After Form 5 we rarely keep in touch because everybody busy with their own life, study, some already have a job, get married and some not even doing anything, just stay at home and the rest is history.

We talk quite a lot and well yeah, she's slim right now, hehe. When we in Form 5, I still remember she is 80+ kg and right now she is only 66 kg. Seriously, I envy her passion to slim down her body. Which I can get some spirit from her to slim down my body, ehehe~

p/s : Miss my Apple Pie =,3

April 11, 2012

I can't pleased everyone

Pardon my grammar =)

I am a normal human being. Like others, I also cannot like everyone that exist in this world. There are some attitudes that they have that make me feel uncomfortable. It also quite difficult to being hypocrite all the time. Act like you is a Miss goody - goody so everyone pleased with your attitude and like to have you as their friend while the truth is you are not like that.

This is what happen to me. I keep create a personality that is not mine. I am hot tempered, don't like waiting and I am sarcastic like hell but if I behave like that all the time, people will hate me. So, people keep telling be yourself and when you be yourself people going to judge, hate, gossiping and talking back bout you. If you being yourself and the result is going to make you suffer slowly from inside, so what is the point being your true self? Only can gain pain because nobody can cope with your attitude.

p/s : Stop being such an attention seeker 

April 03, 2012

My pen tablet that always use for colouring my artwork was dead on March 14. That damn battery, i not going to forgive you till the end of my life. Photobucket When i buy that pen tablet, the batteries being provided too. That batteries being used to make my stylus functional. The worst part is, that batteries doesn't have a good quality. I just used it less that 6 months and guess what? the solution or solvent or what so ever that thick blue water in that battery is leaking and made my stylus damage because all of the mechanical components in it getting wet *getting wet? that just sounds so wrong, haha~*

Now i just colour my artwork using mouse and that took me 2 or 3 hours more time than using a tablet, ppffftttt~ this is soooooo sad Photobucket

my tabby........

This is my first colouring work ever after my tablet is die. 

p/s : =,|

April 02, 2012


When I was in semester 5, I got a quite nice roommate but she sleep with her course mates at the rent house so I was alone in that room. Which is I like it a lot hehe~ n then, she said to me one day that her friend want to stay in that room since she not live there anymore. My 1st reaction is

"Fuck you!!! i want to be alone!"

I just can't simply say such a words towards her and just accept my fate *hhaaiihh~*

Luckily this girl, who is illegally stayed with me, is a nice girl. My type is, i hardly speak to someone that i not closed too. Just ask all of my roommates, from semester 1 until 4, it can be count by fingers, how many times i speak to them. I not try to act cocky, but it just weird to share story with someone that i barely know. Well yeah, what do you expect? That is my attitude after all and i just can't change my attitude in the blink of the eyes.

There is a story about my illegal-semester-5-roommate. She like to listen to music well yeah, same goes with me and everyone else of course but please use your headphone or earphone when you want to listen to music while i am sleeping. I can't bloody sleep because of a bitch like you. You realize it for hundreds of time that every time you turn on the music, automatically i going to wake up from my sleep and unable to sleep back. I don't have guts to tell her use that fucking headphone but she is a grown up girl, of course she realize that i cannot sleep because of her music.

I feel like i want to curse you! Luckily one day, she realize about that stuff and using earphone every time she want to listen to music or watch movie. That is why i rather stay alone rather having someone that act like asdfghjkl


p/s : humans~

Bad memory

Yesterday, i feel like a little bit dying cause i forgot what is my email and password to login my blog. Damn it~ and that night, when i want to create a new email suddenly i remember back what is my email and password. Ffffffiiiuuhhh~~~ i got a pretty bad memory eh? Photobucket