April 30, 2012


Pardon my bad grammar

I am such a lazy person. No3~ not that kind of lazy. I always help my mum at the kitchen and do some other housework such as cleaning and so on. I also can finish all of my assignment, tasks and projects on time. Lazy that I mean here is I am such a not-good-in-social-things. When my friends doing plans like go for a picnic, shopping, watching movies together where it involves me in their plan, secretly I hoping the plans get cancelled. Lots of the time, when my friends ask me to join them, I always say BIG NO-NO.

Sometimes I realized they must feel a little bit annoying for me to always decline their invitation. I not hate it but all of that stuffs, hanging out, wasting time, having fun with each other is not really my cup of tea. Spending 25/8 (read as 24/7) in front of laptop, reading, drawing, playing games are stuffs that can make me happy. Stay alone in a room where nobody is there with me, doing my own stuffs, crying, laughing while reading comics, novels, watching movies and so on that is what I call a life. Sounds pathetic right? Being in a place full of people make me feel fucking uncomfortable, uhuk2~ cant change that nature easily i bet.

p/s : Maybe someday, somewhere, sometime, I going to change to a better person.