April 03, 2012

My pen tablet that always use for colouring my artwork was dead on March 14. That damn battery, i not going to forgive you till the end of my life. Photobucket When i buy that pen tablet, the batteries being provided too. That batteries being used to make my stylus functional. The worst part is, that batteries doesn't have a good quality. I just used it less that 6 months and guess what? the solution or solvent or what so ever that thick blue water in that battery is leaking and made my stylus damage because all of the mechanical components in it getting wet *getting wet? that just sounds so wrong, haha~*

Now i just colour my artwork using mouse and that took me 2 or 3 hours more time than using a tablet, ppffftttt~ this is soooooo sad Photobucket

my tabby........

This is my first colouring work ever after my tablet is die. 

p/s : =,|