April 02, 2012


When I was in semester 5, I got a quite nice roommate but she sleep with her course mates at the rent house so I was alone in that room. Which is I like it a lot hehe~ n then, she said to me one day that her friend want to stay in that room since she not live there anymore. My 1st reaction is

"Fuck you!!! i want to be alone!"

I just can't simply say such a words towards her and just accept my fate *hhaaiihh~*

Luckily this girl, who is illegally stayed with me, is a nice girl. My type is, i hardly speak to someone that i not closed too. Just ask all of my roommates, from semester 1 until 4, it can be count by fingers, how many times i speak to them. I not try to act cocky, but it just weird to share story with someone that i barely know. Well yeah, what do you expect? That is my attitude after all and i just can't change my attitude in the blink of the eyes.

There is a story about my illegal-semester-5-roommate. She like to listen to music well yeah, same goes with me and everyone else of course but please use your headphone or earphone when you want to listen to music while i am sleeping. I can't bloody sleep because of a bitch like you. You realize it for hundreds of time that every time you turn on the music, automatically i going to wake up from my sleep and unable to sleep back. I don't have guts to tell her use that fucking headphone but she is a grown up girl, of course she realize that i cannot sleep because of her music.

I feel like i want to curse you! Luckily one day, she realize about that stuff and using earphone every time she want to listen to music or watch movie. That is why i rather stay alone rather having someone that act like asdfghjkl


p/s : humans~