August 25, 2012

Going Back

Good day to everyone, Tomorrow, August 26 i will go back to my uni. What makes me less happy about it is I have lots of assignments that need to be done, haaiihh~ Hopefully I can get it done on time.

p/s : Selamat Hari Raya everyone =p

August 12, 2012


Good day to everyone

I went back to my hometown on August 11. Using Air Asia. My flight was on 9.25 am and there was a problem occur and my flight was delayed almost 2 hours+.

I hate waiting.
I waste my time just to wait for that fucking plane.
I want to cursed all of the Air Asia workers so bad but I can't.
I pay hundreds ringgit not to get such a bullshit service like this.

p/s : I need my time back!