April 11, 2012

I can't pleased everyone

Pardon my grammar =)

I am a normal human being. Like others, I also cannot like everyone that exist in this world. There are some attitudes that they have that make me feel uncomfortable. It also quite difficult to being hypocrite all the time. Act like you is a Miss goody - goody so everyone pleased with your attitude and like to have you as their friend while the truth is you are not like that.

This is what happen to me. I keep create a personality that is not mine. I am hot tempered, don't like waiting and I am sarcastic like hell but if I behave like that all the time, people will hate me. So, people keep telling be yourself and when you be yourself people going to judge, hate, gossiping and talking back bout you. If you being yourself and the result is going to make you suffer slowly from inside, so what is the point being your true self? Only can gain pain because nobody can cope with your attitude.

p/s : Stop being such an attention seeker