May 05, 2012

Janji Melayu? Bullshit

Pardon my bad grammar

Is this what people say 'janji melayu'? I have LOTS of friends with this shitty attitude. I still remember, there is one time when they said they want to have a dinner at KFC around 6 pm. I go there early because I have a date with my little sis. When it is almost 6, I message my friend and he said they not even prepared yet. I wait and wait and then around 6.15 pm that dude arrive and I just could't control my anger anymore. I look aside and don't want to watch his face. I hate waiting! Fucking hate it! I know it is not his fault. He have to wait for his friend and his friend have to wait for his fucking slow girlfriend to get ready. Even so, I still so mad because they not punctual. After a while I finally can control my emotion and there is a message from one of our friend that say they on their (5 persons)  way to KFC and bullshit about all of this stuff is, it is almost 6.45 pm when they said they are on their way. 

When they arrived, only one dude say he sorry for being late and the others just pretend they arrive there on time and chit chatting like nothing happen. Apologize to my time you bastard! This is not the first time and it is every single fucking time you guys do something like that. If it is on 6 pm, why don't you guys just start your walk on 5.50 pm? 

Not just that, there is a time when you guys said want to have a dinner together after Maghrib, well yeah if u said it is after Maghrib I assume it is around 7.30 pm and guess what? You guys go out after Isyak which is past 8 pm. You expect me to calm down because I have to wait more that half an hour? Just go fuck yourself. I not understand you guys. Why do you have to behave like that? That attitude not even make lots of people like you guys. For God sake just please change!

That just part of the whole story. Doing something like that for one more time, I going to release the Kraken to destroy all of you!


p/s : I not get it at all