November 16, 2012


I know I should feel grateful with whatever that I have. Even so, I want to be someone beautiful, have a beautiful curve. My attention is not to make other guys look at me because I already have this one guy that already winning my heart, ehem2~ back to the story, I want to have more confident in myself. There is a quote 'how can you make others like you if you not even like yourself'. I don't know.. it just so difficult to be me. Sometimes I feel so optimistic and 1 minute later I crying and throw tantrum for no reason *that just a metaphor* I mean I feel pessimistic and hate myself. I have a good family, I can walk, drawing, and easy to say I am normal! but sometimes I wish I am born to be a beautiful lady and like myself more

P/s : I know this just a phase. Maybe I am going to have my period soon. Uhuukk2~