November 18, 2012

Not Good~ Yeaahh.. I Know

Good day to me =)

I don't know. It just I not pleased with this chick. Everything that she do, post a picture on facebook, talking, eating, making that fucking sick face, it just eerrgghhh!!! I dislike her and the worst part is I just don't have a strong reason why I dislike her. Maybe I am such a complicated person. I try to get rid of that feeling but I just can't. I don't want to hate someone like that, it not nice.. I know that very well but it just so difficult to get rid of this abhorrence feeling

Wait, no reason?

Of course I have lots of reasons. She talk to much, not punctual, complaining a lot and for people outside there that say I also complaining in my blog, please get this straight. I am not complaining ok? I am just saying. 

P/s : Try to see the positive side of her but it really hard to 'find' it Photobucket